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Created by Koakuma Sakura and Rashawn "BLKZEN" Wilkinson

Feel The Music

The 1166 music experience is unlike any other. Our engineers and production team offers real guidance and critique. We delve into each individual's creativity to bring out their best. Artists who visit our studios are able to better understand themselves and improve their craft.
  • We use high-end recording equipment to make sure we capture your sound with the best quality as possible.

  • We record in a more efficient way to get your recordings to you faster than your average studio.

  • We use a diverse microphone set up meaning we can capture all genres to their full potential.

  • We have a range or cardioid settings available and a built-in equalizer.

  • World-renowned music level mixing software that is the latest cutting edge technology.

  • We have highly skilled engineers who are able to work with you to create a sound like no other artist and leave with more better knowledge as a recording artist.

  • Our team uses industry level monitors that give clean flat sound.

  • optimal mixing and mastering.

  • We have some studio instruments with a large range of strings and percussion.

  • We also have software which enables us to digitally add instrumental music to your track.