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Created by Koakuma Sakura and Rashawn "BLKZEN" Wilkinson

Our Services

Our passion is to help nurture that spark of creativity inside all of the artists that come to our studio. With us, you are guaranteed to have fantastic quality recording while having fun.
All rates include a dedicated 1166 engineer.


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Our team offers studio time with assistance by an engineer who will guide you with critiques and feedback. The client will get a rendered draft of the session in MP3 and or WAV format. 


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Using our state of the art technology and innovative technique, we can bring forth the best quality sounds and optimize playback for all devices making sure that your song can be enjoyed by the listener on their chosen device.


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Our mixers take much pride in mixing and always bring superb mixes for our esteemed clients.


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Through years of experience and musical exposure, our elite team of producers can create any genre of music. We also score music to visuals, tailor beats, and customize sounds to match our clients' needs.